UPCYCLE BARCELONA Cogenerative design strategies for a sustainable urban metabolism
G. Grulois, N. Casabella, C. Crosas, J. Perea (eds.)

Faculty of Architecture of Université Libre de Bruxelles, Erasmus Intensive Programme of the European Comission Lifelong Learning Programme.

2015. Université Libre de Bruxelles

ISSN 2406-4335
190 pàgs.









Cogenerative design strategies for sustainable Urban Metabolism.
Geoffrey Grulois & Andrea Bortolotti

     Upcycling Zona Franca
Carles Crosas & Jorge Perea

    SITE A- Mercabarna: More than Food
     SITE B- BZ Area 'After Reset'
     SITE C- Enegry networks as urban catalyst
     SITE D- Zona Franca Thoroughfare

    Post Zona Franca: Limitless Opportunities
     Carles Crosas & Jorge Perea
    Zona Franca: Matter and Energy Flows
     Marc Montlleó
    Challenges facing the Zona Franca
     Maria Buhigas
    Towards sustainable urban Drainage Systems
     Roberto Soto
    A Veneto perspective: Learning from diversity
     Maria Chiara Tosi
    A Brussels perspective: Food, brains and city
     Jens Aerts
    A Brussels perspective: Outs of focus
 Nadia Casabella