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Cerdà / Ensanche
Manuel de Solà-Morales

Edicions UPC, 2010
ISBN 978-84-9880-404-1,
180 págs.

21x24 cm




Is Barcelona's Ensanche the corruption of a failed Cerdà Plan? Are the ensanches of Bilbao, Valencia and Terrassa the by-products of an 19th-century "Barcelona model"? And today, how can Cerdà's grid be extrapolated to the definition of a new metropolitan layout for Barcelona?

Cerdà / Ensanche is an anthology of the most prominent texts by Professor Manuel de Solà-Morales on the subject of the figure of Ildefonso Cerdà, and Barcelona's Ensanche, a body of work laid down over four decades of attention to the subject in form of studies, publications and research carried out in the framework of the LUB.