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>QUADERNS Maria Rubert de Ventós publshes "Green civic structures in metropolitan complexes" within the framework of the debate about the PDU, in the workshop "Urbanism of open spaces: landscape, leisure and production". The article deals with the possible introduction of open spaces as elements of great importance in the union and connection inside the metropolitan structure. [link]


>QUADERNS Josep Parcerisa presents a critical view on the PGM in "El PGM en perspectiva" within the framework of the debate about the PDU, in the workshop "Cap a la redacció del Pla Director Urbanístic metropolità". The author reviews the goals and historical progression of the PGM, assessing its development and achievements.[link]


>EL PERIÓDICO In the context of FC Barcelona's recent announcement, wich has proposed to refurbish the old stadium or build a new one in the beginning of Diagonal Av., Josep Parcerisa argues for the the second option in the article " El Barça, a la Diagonal". [link]


>EL PERIÓDICO Josep Parcerisa reviews the latest changes in Les Glòries square in the article called "Les Glòries, pam a pam". The author gives a critical reflexion about the future of the square and its urban projects to develop in.[link]


>EL PERIÓDICO: Oriol Bohigas publishes "Enlaces de Barcelona", where he mentions the exhibition "Barcelona Links" organized by LUB, as well as the potential that the laboratory of urbanism has in terms of producing lines of research to approach the urban challenges of the city of Barcelona.[link]


>EL PERIÓDICO Professor Maria Rubert de Ventós publishes "¿Rotondes o círculos viciosos?", in wich she questions the use of roundabouts to organise the traffic, providing some ideas that would improve the quality of the roads. [article]


>EL PERIÓDICO "Las aceras de los Encants" is the title of the new article in which professor Maria Rubert de Ventós proposes a new way to read and understand the sense and use of architecture around Glòries. [article]


>EL PERIÓDICO "El futuro de la arquitectura habla". The ETSAB Urbanism II-M students, with professors Àlex Giménez and Maria Rubert, have developed the last part of their excercise about the Besòs-Campus Llevant with an action in the school's outdoors. The act consisted on creating big numbers done with reused materials and parts of students models, which represents the volum of the cutbacks done to the UPC in the last months. [article]

21/23-04-2013|Diari El País

>Maria Rubert publishes “Costes de la Ley de Costas", denunciation of the urban development of the coastline of our country in the recent years and tribute to the important figure of Manuel Ribas Piera (1925-2013), praising its discretion, civic interest and passion for landscape and territory.[+]

10-12-2012| Diari ARA

>Josep Parcerisa publishes “Llorca-Montpeller i l’eix mediterrani | Lorca-Montpellier and the Mediterranean axis in ARA newspaper talking about high velocity development politics in the Spanisht State as the AVE has finally arrived to Girona and Figueres. .[+]

30-07-2012 i 29-08-2012| Diari ARA

>“Eurovegas: la mida sí que importa | Eurovegas: size matters. Josep Parcerisa gives his opinion in the SPECIAL ISSUE ARA newspaper dedicates to one of the last months main discussion subject. [+]

At the end of summer, the new Barcelona bus lines are a good ocasison to debate about general mobility in the city, focusing on “La Diagonal del tot o res | The all or nothing Diagonal”, where Parcerisa rough out some lines related to the public transport, the Diagonal failed discussion and the future of the 22@ sector. [+]

29-05-2012 | Diari ARA

>“Aragó i Gran Via, les últimes autopistes urbanes de BCN | Aragó and the Gran Via, the last urban highways in BCNis the ARTICLE Josep Parcerisa publishes in ARA newspaper. The text incises in the nowadays functionality of these main ways of the city and how they could be rethought in terms of global mobility. "If the Gran Via has double traffic direction now, from Plaça Espanya to Hospitalet, why it couldn't be on its whole dimention?".

  27-02-2012 Barcelona

>>Below you will find the main glosses to his work that have been published during these weeks:
-Joan Busquets, El gran llegat urbanístic de Solà-Morales, La Vanguardia, March 18th, 2012
-Antoni Marí, El hombre y la ciudad, La Vanguardia, February 29th, 2012
-Lluís Domènech, Manuel de Solà-Morales, el arquitecto que ayudó a abrir Barcelona al mar, El País, February 28th 2012.


>Pensament i ciutat | Thought and city is the title of the ARTICLE that Manuel de Solà-Morales publishes in ARA newspaper. The author praises the Centre de Cultura contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) for having inveted and built "(...) from over 20 years, a perfect intellectual gear around the city concept".

22-09-2011|El Periódico

>ARTICLE Coinciding with the "closuer" of the bull fighting in the Monumental, Maria Rubert suggests opening the "square" to new uses and try to improve its surroundings thanks to this impulse. Also says that, more than organizing a brainstorming contest to rebuild the building to new functions, it would be worthy imagining activities and programs that fit in its splendid architecture.


11-05-2011|La Vanguardia

>ARTICLE Eulàlia Gómez, LUB investigator, expresses her opinion in the section “La ciudad vista por los arquitectos | City seen through architects eyes ”, in the special “Microcirugía urbana | Urban microsurgery that La Vanguardia dedicates to Barcelona. In ocassion of the unsuccessful Diagonal consulting, Gómez Escoda explains that some of the future city challenges should be seen from a metropolitan scale.


>PUBLICATION The day of the inauguration of the transformed "plaza de Toros de Las Arenas", teacher Maria Rubert writes in El Periódico “A levitating façade for an inhospitable square”, Rubert makes a quick route through the square significance and its surroundings for Barcelona and makes us thing about which could be the paper of this new mall located in the "ensanche" border, as a joby between Avinguda del Paral·lel and carrer de Sants.


>PUBLICATION Una teoría urbana | A urban theory, is the title of the article that Luís Domènech publishes in Culturas La Vanguardia about the propossal of Manuel de Solà-Morales for El Prat Nord contest. In ocassion of the publishing of the project documents (Prat Nord, 6+6, Edicions de Cantonada, 2010) the author highlights that it is all about "an excercise of reflexion that goes beyond the conventional urban terms".

 Foto: ARNAL BALLESTER 13 / 21-04-2010|

>DIAGONAL DISCUSSION: María Rubert exposes new reasonings about the Diagonal in an interview to a La Vanguardia and in an article in El Periódico.
De Esplugues a Badalona en Diagonal', El periódico, 21/04/2010, p.8 link
'La Diagonal necesita un autobús exprés', La Vanguardia, 13/04/2010, VeB, p.3 link


>PUBLICATION: Manuel de Solá-Morales publishes in La Vanguardia: ¿CALLES RECTAS, CALLES CURVAS? | STRAIGHT STREETS, CURVED STREETS?, A reflection about an "esthetic and ideological" dilema that focus two alternative visions in the way the cities could be built. A propossal that comes from the romanticism trace in the 19th century architecture and urban planning and it is focused in its derivations and present contemporaneous character.