The Urbanism Laboratory of Barcelona (LUB) is a Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) research center assigned to the ETSAB Urban Planning Department.

In 1968, under Manuel de Solà-Morales initiative, LUB foundation brought toghether teachers Joan Busquets, Antonio Font, Miquel Domingo and José Luís Gómez Ordoñez at the Architecture School of Barcelona (ETSAB).

Since then, some promotions of students have participated in the Laboratory own initiatives and many teachers have developed their own researches. Also a group of doctoral tesis have their main origin here.  Teachers related to the Laboratory in any of its times have teached in several European and American universities.

Since 2004 it can be considered as a UPC Consolidated Research Group funded by the AGAUR 2009/2013 under the "Observatory of urban cities" program.

Growth forms and urban morphology are its main areas of study, adding the Barcelona modern development, the theory and practice of the urban project and the urbanism teaching into the world.

The digital magazine d'UR edition started in 2010, giving continuity to UR - Urbanismo Revista (1985-1992). Among various publications it's remarcable the  A - Laboratory Planning collection which includes the main monographs works developed in the last years.